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At Moyer Machine, quality is #1. Not only do we strive to provide our customers with well-made components, but we also demand a superior level of efficiency and precision. As a result, our shop holds itself to the highest standards, often delivering results that far exceed client expectations.

We have extensive quality control measures in place to ensure everything we do is carefully tracked and monitored.

Our Goal Is Zero Defects

We strive to meet this goal not only by reviewing finished products before they are presented to our customers but also throughout the machining process. We are out for perfection from the very beginning.


Every job we accept is subject to the same high level of craftsmanship. We do not cut corners, and we never settle for ‘near perfect.’ We have a reputation for customer service, excellence, and quality and it is one we are proud to live up to each and every day.


•   Quality Begins at the Machine - Each machine has its own dedicated inspection area, equipped with the measuring instruments needed for each job. Parts are regularly checked to ensure they meet the specified requirements throughout the machining process.

•   In-House Quality Lab – Our 450 sq. ft in-house quality lab is equipped to verify even the tightest of tolerances. We require each part to be inspected by our quality experts from start to finish.

•   Inspection Equipment - To ensure consistent quality, our lab and machine workstations are equipped with all the necessary measuring equipment:

  • Keyence IM-Series Visual Inspection System CMM

  • Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscopes

  • Height Gages & Indicators

  • OPTEK Vision System / CMM 

  • Quadra-Check 200 Optical Comparator

  • Granite surface plates - Multiple

  • 18" Granite master square

  • Gage blocks  

  • Gage Pins Plus and Minus Sets 0.011 Thru 1.000

  • Deltronic pin gages

  • Threaded GO/NOGO Gages

  • Height gages

  • Calipers up to 24"

  • 0-12" Micrometers                                           

  • 0-1, & 1-2 Thread Micrometers

  • Bore Micrometers 

  • Bore Gages


Keyence XM Series CMM

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