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Moyer Machine & Tool was started in 1994 with a passion to make quality parts at a reasonable price. Our goal was to build a reputation as a company who delivered quality parts on time, every time, to every customer. We quickly grew into the company we are today by holding true to these values.

Where we came from

While the business was started as a way for a small family to make a living, it has expanded into much more.  We have grown to a 22,000 sq ft facility with state of the art equipment. With manufacturing as a key building block of our nation, we have come to realize a social and patriotic role in the U.S.A.  Using advanced technology matched with the right team players, we take great pride in helping our employees make a living for their families.  Anyone can buy a machine, but the people are what sets us apart.

Who we are today
Procuction Cells2.JPG
Our Vision

To be a leader and innovator in the manufacturing industry.  




Genesis Plastics Material Requirements Planning Manager

“We’ve partnered with Moyer Machine and Tool for 20+ years.

  Their efficiency, quality, and attention to detail is top of the line”.


Woodward Operations Engineer

I’ve worked with Moyer for nearly seven years now and they have been nothing short of incredible.  John and Tanya have helped me through countless projects, crazy deadlines and even crazier designs.  They are incredibly flexible and, more importantly, are incredibly reliable.  They have always been, and will continue to be, the first shop I send my parts to for quoting.


NSO/Aura Design Specialist

“Precision measured in microns, delivery to the day, Quality to ‘da moon!”


Woodward Project Manager

Moyer Machine and Tool is the best custom tooling shop we've worked with hands down. They continually deliver tooling and fixtures beyond expectations for both quality and cost. There have been occasions where we requested seemingly unreasonable rapid turn times and MMT always did what it took to deliver on their promises and meet our demands. We faced "line down" situations on our production lines and MMT recognized the criticality of our needs and would work late shifts and even weekends to meet our needs to get us back up and running. Tanya even went so far as to hand deliver orders instead of shipping and adding to lead times. John is easy to work with, runs a tight ship and listens to customer's needs. Reliable, dependable, courteous, reasonable, Moyer Machine and Tool is the best!


HPS Senior Buyer/Planner

It is with great pride I am writing to recommend Moyer Machine as an excellent supplier.

I have been using Moyer Machine for over 10 years with very little to no quality issues or delivery issues. Moyer has always performed at a high level and is very flexible to my needs.

We also had Moyer quote some value add assembly work to the parts they were already machining. I am very happy with additional work and services they are providing. 

I am happy to recommend the machining services of Moyer Machine. 

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